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4k Light Leak - 120 Elements

Remarkable 4K Light Leaks

Illuminate exists with a single goal in mind: Astonish the viewer. Captured with a 4K digital cinema camera, all 120 light leaks are ready to add organic elegance to any post-production project.

  • 83 beautiful transitions
  • 37 ambient overlays
  • 3 distinct styles

120 stunning elements.

Infinite options.

  • 5 Sci-FiAmbient Overlays

    5 Sci-Fi

    Ambient Overlays

  • 14 VintageAmbient Overlays

    14 Vintage

    Ambient Overlays

  • 18 ModernAmbient Overlays

    18 Modern

    Ambient Overlays

  • 18 Sci-FiTransitions

    18 Sci-Fi


  • 22 VintageTransitions

    22 Vintage


  • 43 ModernTransitions

    43 Modern


Designed to Astonish

Illuminate is built for the leading applications — Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe After Effects.

  • Resolution 4K
  • Frame Rate 23.976 fps
  • Package Size 4 GB
  • Plugins Required None

Next Level

Illuminate comes with in-depth video tutorials that make it easy to get your project looking incredible. Find out how to crop and reframe light leaks, control hue and color, and much more.