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I’m customizing a graphics pack and can’t find an image/video comp for the bug and/or lower third animation. Where are these comps?

In some cases, there will be some inconsistencies between the number of comps inside the Modify Image/Video folder and the Modify Text folder. There might be a Lower Third text comp but no Lower Third Image/Video comp. No worries! It’s not a mistake.

Animations like a Transition or Full Frame Background don’t have titles, so you won’t find any text comps relating to these animations in your Modify Text folder. Animations like Bugs or Lower Thirds have no image/video comps because it makes more sense to render them without a background and with an Alpha channel. This will allow you to drop the animation over footage in an NLE like Premiere or Final Cut.

If your renderable comp is missing a background image/video, it means this animation is best rendered with an alpha channel. You’ll find instructions on rendering with an alpha channel in the ‘Read Me’ file included with your template.

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