Next time you need to rig a clock, save yourself some time with Countdown, a free After Effects template from RocketStock.

Rigging a clock in After Effects requires intermediate-level expressions and plenty of time. While you can certainly do it by hand, it can take a lot of effort to make the clock perfect. Obviously, this can be a struggle. Because we feel your pain, we’ve put together a free After Effects template for creating a customized clock. Here’s a quick demo of what you can do with Countdown.

To download Countdown, simply hit the download button below.

Download Countdown Here

Style Controls

Countdown is an extremely customizable tool. Using the checkboxes and custom compositions, you can easily design your clock to be anything you can imagine.

Three Predesigned Looks

Short on time? Countdown comes preloaded with three distinct clock designs. Select the ‘Style’ layer in the ‘Final Output’ composition and you will see various checkboxes: Simple Face, Fancy Face, and Sports Face. Check the box of the style you want, along with the hands (seconds, minutes, hours) you want to be seen in your project.

1. Simple Face

The Simple Face clock is modeled after a traditional wall clock. This clock is perfect for replacing typical wall clocks from footage.

Free After Effects Template: Countdown - Simple Face

2. Fancy Face

The Fancy Face is modeled after a traditional Roman numeral clock. The Fancy Face design is perfect If you are working on creating a clock tower or a traditional wristwatch.

Free After Effects Template: Countdown - Fancy Face

3. Sports Face

The Sports Face is a clock modeled after an athletic watch or countdown timer. If you are working on a sports countdown, this preset is perfect for you.

Free After Effects Template: Countdown - Sports Clock

Customizable Clock Face

Countdown also allows users to hand-create a custom clock face and hands. If you find that the preset clock faces wont work for your given project, you can easily create a custom clock by designing each individual hand and the clock face in their corresponding compositions.

Free After Effects Template: Countdown - Customizable Clock Demo

Customizable Checkboxes

Don’t want to see the seconds hand? Just want to see the hands an not the face? Just select the hands you wish to see in the effects controllers on the ‘Style’ layer.

Free After Effects Template: Countdown - Customizable Style

Time Controls

The time control layer allows users to adjust how the clock will actually display time. Using the various tools, you can customize the way your clock works in your timeline. Here’s what you can do with the time controls:


The speed parameter adjusts how quickly time passes. To figure out the speed, simply multiply the speed number by real time. So a speed indicator of 100 is 100 times faster than normal. The speed parameter can be keyframed to show an increase or decrease in speed.

Free After Effects Template: Countdown - Customizable Speed

Time Progression

By default, your clock will progress in real time. Your hours, minutes, and seconds will all interact just like a real functioning clock. Don’t want your clock to tick? Simply unselect the time progression checkbox and your clock will not progress in time.

Adjust the Arms by Hand

If you want your clock to be at a very specific time, you can simply change where each hand is located. The clock will still continue to click even after you set your custom time.

Free After Effects Template: Countdown - Customizable Hands


The tick setting will alternate between a ticking clock and a smooth rotating clock.


The offset setting will offset the entire clock. Think of offset as the wheel on the side of a wristwatch.

Free After Effects Template: Countdown - Offset Slider

Have any questions about this free After Effects template? How will you use Countdown? Share in the comments below.