Adobe just revealed Creative Cloud 2015 and these updates are no joke. Let’s take a look at what’s included.

We’ve known an update for Creative Cloud was coming for some time — we just didn’t know exactly when that would happen and what would be included. But yesterday Adobe announced the updated Creative Cloud 2015, and from Photoshop to After Effects, Adobe is bringing new enhancements and features to their entire lineup of desktop apps. Let’s look at the apps that matter to you and give you a rundown of what is being added and updated.

Here’s a quick overview of all of the updates from Adobe’s Creative Cloud YouTube Channel.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro saw some significant updates, especially in terms of color correction and grading. Lumetri Color panel has been added and allows for easier color correction workflows directly in Premiere with the use of sliders. Then there is the addition of Morph Cut, which helps to improve the jump cut transition between two clips. Finally, Adobe added support for the Premiere Clip mobile app, which now allows you to open assets from Premiere Clip directly in Premiere Pro.

  • Lumetri Color Panel
  • Access to Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Morph Cut
  • Task Oriented Workspaces Update
  • Support for Premiere Clip Mobile

Here’s an overview of the Premiere Pro & Premiere Clip import workflow.

Want an overview of the new Morph Cut effect that allows for smooth transitions between jump cuts on sound bits? Then check out this video from Adobe.

Adobe After Effects, Prelude & Audition

After Effects, Prelude, and Audition had a few updates and we’ll cover those all together. Let’s start with After Effects. In the 2015 release, Adobe has added a new face tracking feature that allows editors to create tracking masks for faces and then apply effects and color correction to them without the hassle of keying each frame. Next, Audition sees improvements to workflows by allowing Premiere Pro projects to open natively without the long wait for rendering. And finally, Prelude is giving you the freedom to add voice-over to your rough cuts and then send those back to Premiere Pro for your final edit.

  • Face Tracking in After Effects
  • Improved Previewing in After Effects
  • Dynamic Linking Between Audition and Premiere
  • Voice-Over linking from Prelude to Premiere

For the After Effects updates, Pro Video Coalition has released a video that goes through each one of them in some detail.

Here’s an overview of the new Preview enhancements in After Effects courtesy of Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube.

Let’s check out the new dynamic linking system between Audition and Premiere Pro.

Need to give your Premiere Pro rough cut a voice over? Then let’s find out how easy that is to do with Prelude.

So, there’s what’s going on with Adobe Creative Cloud 2015. Want more Premiere Pro and After Effects news, info, tips and/or tricks? Check out these articles from our friends at PremiumBeat.

Are you excited about these new updates? Is there anything here you’re particularly looking forward to using? Is there anything you wish Adobe would have added? Let us know in the comments below.