Want to get more out of your Vimeo page? Not sure how? Here are a few ‘Vimeo Hacks’ to take your brand to new heights.

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There’s a painful aspect of social media that few people seem to realize. Those old Myspace pages, Friendster accounts and Youtube channels don’t just disappear once you stop using them. Luckily, we all have freshly updated Facebook, Linkedin and personal brand websites to show our current outlooks, but the past can occasionally come back to haunt us.

That is to say, for all us video professionals, whether we keep it up to date or not, our Vimeo pages will always be a space used to evaluate our work. Don’t you want that to be as positive an image as possible? I know I do. For those who use it regularly, or those who desperately need an update, here are some tips and tricks to make sure your Vimeo page shines.

1. Feature Videos

Vimeo Hack: How to Boost Your Vimeo Page - Feature Videos

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One of the drawbacks of Vimeo is that it doesn’t allow you to stack videos on your page as you’d like. Instead, it shows your feed from the most recent onwards. However, Vimeo does give you the option to place up to three “Featured” videos at the top of your page. This is a great way to keep your most recent reel and prized projects at the front — ready to greet your many guests.

2. Keep Videos Private

Vimeo Hack: How to Boost Your Vimeo Page - Vimeo Privacy
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It’s unfortunate, but necessary, in our industry to have to export out several drafts of videos for review. However, as you upload over and over, the drafts begin to stack up and can clutter your profile. Not to mention the fact that you’d probably like the finished product to be the only one shown. Making a video private (whether it’s with a password or only visible to you) is a quick way to clean up a cluttered feed.

3. Update Your Bio

Vimeo Hack: How to Boost Your Vimeo Page - Update Your Bio

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It’s there for a reason, yet it seems like the majority of profiles leave the space blank. It doesn’t have to be your life story, but a little information about who you are, where you work and what you specialize in can go along way. Also, if you want anyone to reach you after seeing your stuff, including a contact email or link to your website never hurts.

4. Customize Albums

Vimeo Hack: How to Boost Your Vimeo Page - Customize Albums

If you’d like to share some samples of your work to a friend or potential client, Vimeo offers an easier (and more professional) way than sending a long list of links. You can create portfolios that include a clean and accessible feed of the videos you want to share. It also can include private videos that don’t normally show up on your page.

Know any other tips for how maximize your Vimeo page? Share in the comments below!