From the latest After Effects updates to free logo reveals, these past few weeks have been packed to the brim with beneficial video editing news. Here’s what’s up.

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Between PremiumBeat’s ongoing Free Week and IBC’s latest video production announcements, there’s plenty of exciting news going around. Whether you’re more involved with the editing side of production or actually getting out and filming, there are big things on the horizon. Let’s take a look.

More Free Logo Reveals and Animated Font

Need to spice up your next video and make it stand out? With these free animated fonts and logo reveals, you’ll definitely be able to add a little zing to your work.

First there’s the free Helvetica Neue animated font for use in After Effects. This pack includes 43 compositions, one for each letter, number, and punctuation mark.

Next, our friends over at PremiumBeat just released three new free logo reveals! These logo reveals are easy to use, cheaper than cheap, and they work great for modern, sleek designs.

After Effects Updates

Adobe recently announced updates to After Effects — including the ability to share project files with other users! On top of this extremely beneficial addition, users will also be able to share live text templates and pack comps and assets into one shareable file.

Another progressive step in the right direction: The new 3D renderer that allows users to create 3D titles and logos all in the After Effects timeline.

IBC 2016 Announcements

With IBC wrapping up, there have been several big announcements to come out of the tech conference. On top of the After Effects updates, Canon announced the arrival of the C700, causing a big splash in camera market (even if the price is rather hefty). Other gear and software announcements include a hands-free monopod, a new follow focus, and an impressive Samyang lens set.

The big VR reveal for Premiere Pro was an impressive addition to the conference as well. The NLE will soon be able to auto-detect if your media is monoscopic, stereoscopic over/under, or stereoscopic right/left in order to establish the correct VR settings.

Customize Your Timeline in Premiere

PremiumBeat’s Jason Boone recorded this fantastic tutorial for effectively organizing your timeline and positioning clips and sequences in a neat and organized manor. The tutorial is great for any video editor feeling overwhelmed with footage and audio. Organization never felt so easy.

Create a Rad 80s Logo

In the spirit of all things 80s and retro, this fast free tutorial shows you how to make your own 80’s style logo. For more 80s action, check out PremiumBeat’s synth-inspired playlist for your next throwback project.

Stack Timelines in Premiere

This quick editing tip demonstrates the ease of stacking timelines in Premiere Pro. It’s so simple! In the spirit of streamlining your workflow and maximizing your work efforts, this quick little tip is perfect to store away in your memory for the next time a problem arises in your edit.

Building a Dolly

Director David F. Sandberg (of the recent smash horror hit Lights Out) released a hilarious tutorial on how to make a $60 dolly from scratch. Though the video is goofy, his methods are on point.

Using tools found at Home Depot and some skateboard wheels, he discusses the process of making the dolly and the device’s practical uses. This video is perfect for the DIY crowd and for those working with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

Free Circle Transitions

PremiumBeat is offering up a fun little pack of totally free circle transitions for your next video project. The brief how-to video demonstrates how easy it is to level up your design by simply layering your clips, adding the transition, and setting the luma matte. 

Have you heard any other exciting video news lately? Let us know in the comments!