Many production houses have turned to digital vehicles and visual effects for production value. Learn how to use a digital car rig for your commercials in this VFX breakdown

According to the advertising figures from AdAge, four of the Top 12 spending companies are from the automotive industry. In 2014, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, and Fiat-Chrysler spent a combined $8.77 Billion in advertisements alone. These companies spend a majority of that on television and internet commercials.

Ironically, using car rigs are too expensive for most car commercial shoots. Also, having a digital rig lets you light and customize the vehicle however necessary. Here a few VFX breakdowns and a tutorial to get you started on making your own commercial.

MPC Creative made a Fiat piece for The Richards Group ad agency. The piece coincided with the return of Godzilla to theaters. Take a look at this awesome behind-the-scenes video of the pre-production work and animation. 

From the advertising agency thjnk Berlin comes “The Coup,” a VFX heavy piece for Audi. This piece not only uses digital cars, but also an 18 wheeler and helicopters. 

MPC was also behind the incredibly popular Kia “Hamster” commercials. They teamed up with the David&Goliath creative agency for this dance crazy piece. 

Now that you have seen how studios are using VFX, you can experiment with a digital car rig with this tutorial from Video Copilot.

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