Great news! Shutterstock is now offering unlimited royalty-free music subscriptions for $16.60 per month or $199 per year. Here’s how it can improve your workflow.

Filling out projects with royalty-free music over and over can be a struggle if you’re working on a budget.  Shutterstock Music is here to help you save some money without sacrificing the quality of the music you intend to use in your edits.

Music for Every Creator

Whether you’re a low-budget content creator or you have your own small business that needs stock music, this plan fits all needs. For only $199 per year (or $16.60/month), you get unlimited access to the entirety of the Shutterstock Music library. This includes hot, fresh beats right out of the oven to spice up your hype video — or some nice, smooth yacht rock to ease into a perfect destination trailer. The entire Shutterstock library has everything you might need when it comes to finding the perfect track to complete your project. The daily download limit of 40 tracks is more than enough to get your project rolling smoothly.

If you’re a filmmaker who submits projects to festivals, then this might be the perfect tool for the edit bay. Festivals will automatically disqualify your project if you use copyrighted music, so having an arsenal of royalty-free tracks for your short films is an incredibly valuable asset. Shutterstock’s got every kind of genre, too — whether it’s horror that needs spooky, bass-laden tracks or drama that needs some airy keys. They’ve got them all in the vault.

Benefits of Royalty-Free Tracks

In recent years, online platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo have been cracking down on the use of copyrighted music. It may place your video into the demonetized category, or in some circumstances, earn you a strike on your channel. That’s why royalty-free music has always had a place in an editor’s arsenal — so you aren’t chased down by a record label for using the wrong track. For YouTube creators, the stress of whether or not your video will monetize is no longer something to worry about.

In the past, most content creators would turn to YouTube’s free library of tracks, but who wants to use recycled music? Stand out from the crowd by using some of the highest-quality tracks that money can buy. And $199 per year (coming down to $16.60/month) is much friendlier to shoestring budgets than royalty-free music has been in the past.

Sign up Now for Great Tracks

Shutterstock Music’s subscription is available (you guessed it) right now! All the tracks you’ll ever need, available for download the minute you log your information. Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Sign in to Shutterstock, or create a new account.
  2. Visit the pricing page to start your 365-day subscription for only $199 — that works out to just $16.60 a month!
  3. Elevate your projects with an unlimited supply of best-in-class music.

Sign up now and start creating your next project with the help of Shutterstock Music!

Cover image via Evgeny Drablenkov.