2018 is just around the corner. Get ready for whatever your clients (or your imagination) may throw at you with these dynamic video packs.

As 2017 draws to a close, you might be brainstorming some of your New Year’s resolutions for 2018. Whether those resolutions are to get your freelance editing business off the ground or really dive into social media content creation, these packs will bring some professional flair to any video project. Treat yourself this holiday season to some of these featured packs!


Light up your video with the fire effects in the Ignite pack! You can use these elements in various ways, such as creating an inferno-type landscape or placing them in a shot where real pyrotechnics would be too expensive and/or dangerous. Don’t accidentally set yourself on fire — just try these easy-to-use fire assets.


High-energy transitions can bring loads of life into a video, and Prism is no exception. This geometrically-styled pack of transitions can bring a smoother flow to your next montage than traditional transitions offer. These are also a great addition to any travel videos that include a lot of movement and location changes.


Fog is essential for any horror or thriller movie. The Vapor pack provides over 100 smoke and fog effects to layer into your next video. They also add depth and mystery to any title reveals.


Calling all social content creators: this pack is for you! With transitions, end screens, and loopable backgrounds, the Creator pack is sure to notch up that production value for your social channels. Whether you manage a make-up Instagram page or a prank video YouTube channel, this pack has all of the assets you need to take it to the next level.


Creating a Sci-Fi film on a budget? Well, the Interface pack is an entire arsenal of stylized HUD interface graphics for a very low price. You can use them to create an Iron Man-type visual interface, or even use them to create a large-panel computer screen complete with moving graphs and timers.

Looking for freebies to go with these premium packs? Check out these links: