Are you about to embark on a big video project? Shorten your turnaround time and organize your After Effects and Premiere Pro Project Panel with these tips.

Video editors, myself included, are notorious for not always organizing project panels and leaving an unholy mess to contend with when using After Effects and Premiere Pro for their latest project. In an effort to clean things up, we’ve looked around for tips on organizing the Project Panel in both program. Luckily for us, Motion Revolver and Creative COW have put together tutorials that go over not only the After Effects, but Premier Pro Project Panel as well.

After Effects Project Panel

In this video Motion Revolver goes over one way to organize your After Effects project panel by laying everything out in Explorer or Finder before importing your assets.

TidyUp Your Panel

If you’re still a lost cause after following Creative COW’s advice, then take some time to head over to aescripts+aeplugins where you can find the After Effects script TidyUp. This really is a handy script that allows you to easily sort  your assets. At only $9.99, it’s well worth a look. Here’s a quick look at what you can do with TidyUp.

  • Sort assets into folders by type
  • Choose what assets to sort
  • Isolate missing vector art and footage
  • Remove unused and missing footage
  • TidyUp pre-comps by name

Premiere Pro Project Panel

Project Panel: Organizing, Automating and Searching

In this first episode of Creative COW’s Project Panel tutorial series, we learn about metadata, general organization, using icon view, and setting up the panel for searching.

Project Panel: New Items and Templates

In this episode Creative COW shows us how to create the New Items button within the Project Panel. Then we look at the available templates in Resource Central.

Project Panel: Preferences and Bin Structures

In this tutorial we learn how to work with bins. Specifically, Creative COW shows us how to add/delete bins, change bin behaviors, and general tips. Then we go over how to label and rename assets, as well as renaming clips and original source files.

Project Panel: Importing Footage

In this video, Creative COW gives us a run down on how to properly and easily import footage to our bin template by using a simple double-click option or by simply dragging and dropping the footage from the window. They also show us how to utilize Adobe Bridge.

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What are your thoughts on the After Effects Project Panel? Is it a land of chaos for you? Have you used TidyUp? Did it help? Sound off in the comments below.