Blur Studio has done some amazing work over the years. Let’s dig into the vault and see what goodness we can devour.

The dynamic duo of Tim Miller and David Stinnett banded together in 1995 to open a visual effects and animation studio that would push the limits of visual storytelling. So far, Blur Studio has created five original films and produced numerous special effects and opening title sequences for film and television. They have also found great success in developing and creating animation shorts for various video games.

Through their now twenty year history, Blur Studio has been nominated for and won several awards, including the Academy Award for Original Short Film in Gopher Broke. Now co-founder Tim Miller is making that transition from animation director to live-action director as he helms 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool, based on Marvel’s comic character.

For a quick look into Blur Studio, check out this behind the scenes video courtesy of ChaosGroupTV.

With such an illustrious history and with so many credits to their name, we wanted to dig through the Blur Studio vault and take a good long look at their work. We’ll see a great mix of commercial work, opening title sequences, visual effects, and amazingly stunning short films.

Motion Picture Work

Blur Studio has a long history of working on motion pictures. In fact, they developed and created the entire space sequence for James Cameron’s Avatar. But other than in-film showcase pieces like this, Blur is really know for their fantastic title or credit sequences. We’ll start with these by looking at the VFX breakdown for the Marvel film Thor: The Dark World.

Continuing their relationship with Marvel, Blur produced the opening and end titles for The Amazing Spiderman 2 , which feature some really impressive 3D elements.

Taking their animation skills to the next level, Blur designed and created the opening sequence for David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Using specific elements from the film, Blur crafted a metallic world of both beauty and horror that’s highlighted by the soundtrack of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song by Trent Reznor and Karen O.

Finally, David Fincher and Blur teamed up again to develop a proof-of-concept short of The Goon, which is an adaptation of the famed comic book series.

Masters of the Cinematic Cutscene

While they have done some amazing work for film, Blur has become one of the masters of video game cut scenes and cinematic shorts. Within their ever-expanding portfolio, we can see that they have worked closely with the biggest studios in all of video games like Bethesda Softworks, EA, LucasArts, 2K Games, Microsoft Games, Capcom, and Bungie to name a few.

We’ll start off by checking out one of their greatest and most-watched cinematic trailers of all time. The game was Star War: The Old Republic and the cinematic trailer is called “Deceived”.

Blur Studio developed and created the cinematic short for Mass Effect 2 that brought fans to their feet at E3 2010. In this short, we watch as the Illusive Man introduces us to the multiple characters from the game.

Now, everyone loves Batman. And Blur Studio really loves them some Batman, as they have worked closely with Rocksteady Studios on each of the Batman Arkham games. Here we see a cinematic trailer for the final game in the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight. What makes this trailer especially impressive is the fact that Blur moves away from traditional animation to incorporate live-action footage of average people being more like the Batman.

Blur has always been able to impress us with their amazing animation skills. With this trailer for The Lord of the Rings game Guardians of Middle-Earth, we see just how good their animation skills are as they recreate the classic characters from the original trilogy. The level of detail on Gandalf and others to make them look like the actors that portrayed them is immensely impressive.

The original Prey game didn’t fair well in terms of sales, but for those who actually played the game it was a solid experience. There was enough of a cult following that Bethesda Softworks began working earnestly on a sequel. When it came time to tell the world about it, they once again called upon Blur Studio to help them do just that.

With Bungie leaving Microsoft and Halo behind for Destiny, 343 Industries took over the Halo franchise. Wanting to make a solid impression with their first game in the main franchise, 343 called upon Blur to help create the cinematic trailer for Halo 4. We again see Blur Studio take a solid approach and blend live action with 3D animation in this haunting cinematic trailer.

In what is quite possibly the best work that Blur has ever done, Bethesda Softworks requested a series of cinematic trailers for their newest game, The Elder Scrolls Online. The previous shorts would include The Alliances and The Arrival, and each was just as stunning as the one before. But with the release of the third cinematic trailer, we were treated to a full ten-minute fantasy epic set deep in the heart of Tamriel.

What do you think of Blur Studios? What was your favorite by them? Is there anything that they’ve done that you think we should have included? Let us know in the comments below.