Compositing has the power to take an otherwise boring project and make it spectacular. Learn how it’s done in these quick After Effects tutorials.

Some people spend their entire careers compositing elements for VFX work, and rightfully so. Compositing is not easy, but when you get it right, compositing has the power to transform your projects into spectacular works of art. Let’s take a look at a few must-watch compositing tutorials for After Effects. If you know of any more, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

1. Compositing Tips and Tricks After Effects Tutorial

Created By: TunnelvizionTV

While the contents of this tutorial are fairly simple, this tutorial from TunnelvizionTV shows us how to use three of the most indispensable effects in After Effects to create realistic composites. The tutorial covers tint, fast blur, and the match grain effect.

2. Simple Compositing Techniques with Adobe After Effects

Created By: Kert Gartner

In this tutorial, Kert Gartner shows us how he created a cool video-game-inspired commercial using a few high-end compositing techniques in After Effects. The tutorial also dives into how he used Trapcode Particular to create some of his exploding effects. One of the biggest takeaways in this tutorial is the fact that a composite can be better sold if you add blanket grade over the entire composition.

3. Compositing in After Effects vs. Nuke

Created By: School of Motion

After Effects is a motion graphics software that does some compositing, Nuke is a compositing software that does some motion graphics. So what makes Nuke so much better for compositing? Joey Korenman from School of Motion shows us how nodes can transform the way you think as a VFX artist.

4. The Importance of Compositing: A Layer By Layer Breakdown

Created By: Greyscalegorilla

Good compositing can be the difference between a bad project and an amazing project. This example from Greyscalegorilla shows us how some basic compositing techniques in After Effects transformed a five second project from Rich Hinchcliffe.

Have any tips for compositing in After Effects? Share in the comments below!