Animating logos is a fact of life for most working motion graphic designers. Get inspired for your next project with this logo animation tutorial roundup.

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If you work in motion graphics, at some point in your career you’re probably going to need to create a logo animation. To help you get your creative juices flowing, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tutorials and logo animations. Remember: each and everyone of these logo animations can be completed in After Effects!

Hipster Logo Animation

The hipster (or vintage) logo animation has been big business for the past several years and it’s still going strong. Here’s a video tutorials from PremiumBeat that gives you the rundown on how to make an engaging hipster style logo animation.

Grid Logo Animation

Video Copilot is always a great resource for motion graphic assets, such as Element 3D. In this video we learn how to create one of our favorite logo animations: the “Grid.” What’s really amazing about this tutorial and logo animation is that it’s all done using built-in After Effects plugins.

Cubed Logo Reveal

During this episode of Ask GSG we learn how to create a cubed wave logo reveal in Cinema 4D and After Effects. This logo uses Mograph Shader and Global Illumination to create a smooth ripple reveal effect for the logo.

Burning Logo Animation

 shows us how to create a burning logo animation using both After Effects and Trapcode Particular. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a nice transition using flames, sparks, and atmosphere.

Favorite Logo Animations

Now that we have some basic knowledge on logo animation using After Effects, let’s take a look at what other artists have done using After Effects and supporting software like Element 3D, Cinema 4D, Maya and 3DS Max. Let’s get inspired!

Papa Logo Animation


Skype Logo Animation


Buck Logo Animation


Laser Unicorn Logo Animation


Universal Logo Animation (2015)

Posted by Dave the Animater

Marvel Studios Logo Animation

Posted by CNN

Now you’re more prepared than ever before to face the inevitable logo animation projects that will likely come your way. Remember, these animations can be simple 2D animations or they can be extremely complex… it’s which ever you prefer. And it’s all possible through After Effects and some supporting software.

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There are hundreds of logo animations out there… which great ones did we miss? What are your favorites? Share it with us in the comments below.