Explore these nine incredible Vimeo motion graphics channels and find your design inspiration.

Top image via of Bleeple

As a designer and storyteller, it’s imperative that you be in a constant state of inspiration and creativity. The videos you watch will often influence the artwork you create, so it’s no surprise that the best motion designers in the world keep highly curated channels where they can draw inspiration for future projects.

To help you along your motion graphics journey, we’ve created a list of nine motion graphics channels for your creative inspiration. Let us know if you can think of any other awesome Vimeo channels for motion design.

1. The Mill

There are few animation companies in the world putting out as much high-quality work as the Mill. The Mill creates a wide variety of motion graphic, VFX, and live-action work for the largest brands in the world.

With hundreds of the world’s most-talented artists on staff, the Mill creates breathtaking motion graphics work that is truly world class. The Mill is always looking to hire more talent. If you think you have what it takes, check out their careers page.

They also have a pretty awesome blog where they share industry insights and creative techniques. If you’re into developing your skills or learning something new, I highly recommend checking it out.

2. Nerdo

The motion graphics collaboration Nerdo is new to the industry, but the company’s client list already includes FOX, MTV, and Nickelodeon. One thing you’ll instantly notice when viewing Nerdo’s work is the fluid nature of their designs.

Nerdo is innovating in the industry by creating their own style of motion graphics. Instead of following industry trends, they create creative, original projects that are clearly visual masterpieces.

The case study section of their website is a great place to read more about how they created their fluid animations. Nerdo breaks down how certain shots were achieved and where they drew their inspiration for each project.

Nerdo also has a killer Behance page where you can find even more behind-the-scenes inspiration and design.

3. Buck

Buck is widely considered to be the best motion graphics company in the world and for a good reason. Their work, though mostly advertisement related, is a brilliant example of collaborative storytelling and artistic direction.

Buck is constantly hiring, so you should check out their job board if you live in the LA, NY, or Sydney area.

They also have a pretty active social media presence. If you’re active on Instagram, I highly recommend checking out their page.

4. ManvsMachine

ManvsMachine is a Cannes Lion Gold award-winning design and motion studio based out of London. Notable clients include Nike, Microsoft, and NBC Universal, so you know they’re legit.

ManvsMachine is exceptional at creating art out of advertisements. You won’t find any typical commercials in their portfolio. Everything they do pushes the boundaries of what is possible in advertising and the results are breathtaking.

They’re also really good about sharing how they create their work. The following video is a quick breakdown of how they created the Nike commercial above.

5. FutureDeluxe

If you’re into futuristic and experimental art, FutureDeluxe is the channel to watch. Their take on abstract shapes and design really pushes the boundaries of what an advertisement can be.

If you want to check out some behind-the-scenes photos of current FutureDeluxe projects, check out their blog.

Like a lot of the companies on this list, FutureDeluxe is hiring. So if you think you have what it takes, check out their job board.

6. Abel Reverter

Abel Reverter is an independent motion graphics artist based out of London. He definitely falls into the category of up-and-coming. For being a stand-alone artist, he does amazing work. You’ll quickly find a few motion-graphic takeaways that you can apply to your own work.

Reverter’s blog also has a few interesting posts about projects he is currently working on.

7. Beeple

While the work of Beeple may look like it was created in a large collaborative setting, it’s actually the work of Mike Winkelmann. Mike’s work focuses on futuristic 3D modeling and his work gets him staff-picked pretty regularly.

Beeple is also great about giving away project files. Most of his Cinema 4D project files can be downloaded on his website.

Mike also does a lot of really cool everyday projects where he creates a new, original work of art. It’s a great place to look for creative inspiration.

8. Julius Horsthuis

Julius Horsthuis is a wonderful fractal designer who focuses on creating visual wonderlands.

His work is truly captivating. Notably, he is working on developing VR motion graphics. If you’re into VR check out his Virtual Reality projects.

Horsthuis does tutorials that explain how he creates his amazing fractal work. If you want to learn how to create engaging fractal design, I highly recommend checking out his page.

9. Ash Thorp

Ash Thorp is the king of data displays. Using his creative workflow and his eye for design, he has crafted digital data graphics for Hollywood blockbusters.

Ash Thorp also has a really great course on Learn Squared where he shares how to create digital data displays.

Ash sells still art on his website. If you like his aesthetic, you should check out his online store.

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Know of any other professionals to follow on Vimeo? Share in the comments below.