Hyperdrive on the fritz? No worries. Use this exclusive After Effects tutorial to recreate a lightspeed jump. Includes free project files!

There are few VFX shots as endearing or revolutionary as the lightspeed jump from the original Star Wars movie. While the original VFX artists used practical effects to create the lightspeed jump, we have the tools now to create a similar jump at home.

Star Wars Lightspeed Jump Tutorial

In this After Effects tutorial, we’re going to create a Star-Wars-inspired lightspeed jump using only native plugins and effects. This technique will blend both the original lightspeed jump technique and the new warped tunnel technique.

Download the Free Project File and Video Asset

To download the free project file and video asset used in this tutorial, simply click on the download button below. These files are free for educational use, but please do not distribute the files without permission. The download files comes with:

  • Free After Effects CS6 Project File
  • Free HD Anamorphic Lens Flare from Radium
  • PDF Guide


Radium: 120 4K Lens Flares

The technique mentioned above uses a clip from Radium, our exclusive pack of 120 4K lens flare elements. The pack includes 70 flares, 15 transitions, 15 titles, and 10 streaks. If you want to learn more about Radium, check out the product page here on RocketStock.

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