Swapping your camera between different tripod heads can eat into your shoot schedule. Here’s how you can minimize wasted time with this neat little gadget.

All images via Cinecom.net

I for one have become increasingly frustrated with all the different types of tripod heads. You’ve got one for your tripod, one for your gimbal, and one for your photo mount, which means swapping your camera’s plates every time you swap stabilizers. They’re kind of like phone charging ports — why not just use one universal port and save everyone the hassle?

Well, this is where this nifty gadget comes in handy. It’s a quick release system that can be mounted to any tripod to transform it into a universal plate connector.

How Does It Work?

To make this adaptor useful, you should buy enough to fit however many tripods/gimbals you use. Connect the original plate of the tripod to the adaptor, and connect it to the head. Now, whenever you want to pop on your camera, you now have a universal plate to connect to any of your stabilizers. When you’re shooting on the go, this can cut down on your standby time drastically. It can even allow you to get shots on different stabilizers in an instant if you’re shooting a documentary-type video that won’t allow for reshoots.

Other Cool Uses

One of the best parts about this little adaptor is that it is extremely versatile. You can mount it to a wall  for a “CCTV” shot, or even screw it into a tree branch for a DIY monopod. At this point, the world is your tripod. Just find a cool spot to place your camera, drill the adaptor in (if you are allowed to — don’t put holes in places you don’t own), and bam, you’ve got yourself a stable shot!

This attachment even works for lights. Just attach the adaptor to where you would like your light to be, attach the plate to your light, and just slide it in when you want to use it. If you shoot in a studio that has a very fluid setup that is constantly changing, try setting up 7 or 8 of these adaptors in your go-to spots for the lights. That way, if you want to swap around your lighting setup, all you have to do is just pop the light out of one and switch it to the other.