Take your skill level to OVER 9000 and learn how to create vectorized organic anime electricity in After Effects!

Vector organics are among the most popular design styles of 2015. If you’re a motion graphic designer, you should probably start learning how to create this awesome style ASAP. Essentially, vector organics simulate organic movements using 2D animation. This technique can be easily done in both Cinema 4D and After Effects. Here’s an example of vector organics:

Anime Electricity in After Effects

If you want to learn how to create this awesome style, check out this tutorial by Matt Jylkka of Mt. Mograph. The tutorial covers how to create 2D anime electricity in After Effects, complete with life-like animation. Notable techniques covered include:

  • Using Turbulent Displace
  • Adding Glows to Simulate Power
  • Crushing Alpha Levels to Make Edges Smooth

This tutorial was first created and shared by Matt Jylkka of Mt. Mograph. Thanks for sharing, Matt!

Want to learn more about creating 2D style effects in AE? Check out a few of the following resources from our friends at PremiumBeat:

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Have any other tips for creating anime action in After Effects? Also, who would win in a fight… Superman or Goku? Share your insights in the comments below.