Ever wish you could learn from Pixar’s best and brightest? Now you can with Pixar in a Box!

Pixar in a Box opens up the Pixar studios to everyone and anyone who wants to learn from their scientists, animators, coders, sculptors, and other creative professionals, thanks to a collaboration with Khan Academy. Pixar in a Box is aimed at school children, but there are plenty of interesting things to learn, especially if your grasp of math and science could use a little brushing up.

The introductory video (above) walks you through (literally) the Pixar pipeline — from story through modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, texture, lighting, and rendering. Plus, it has a good few jokes in it too, including a cameo from John Lasseter.

The Pixar Curriculum

There are six areas of learning in the Pixar in a Box curriculum:

  1. Environmental Modeling
  2. Character Modeling
  3. Animation
  4. Crowd Simulation
  5. Sets and Staging
  6. Rendering

The beauty of Pixar in a Box is that it really does make learning fun – as cheesy as that sounds! The creators have artfully woven together math and science education while breaking down a real production problem from a Pixar movie.

For example, in the lessons on crowd simulation you can learn about the mathematical concept of combinatorics, while learning how to solve the problem of building thousands of background robots for the film Wall-E. The process of learning is very interactive with java script games and plenty of videos, while introducing the core concepts in easy to understand ways.

Discover how combinations were used to design crowds of robots in WALL-E. This lesson introduces the counting principle using tree diagrams. It touches on concepts in grades 4 through 7 and takes 30-45 minutes.

Another element that makes Pixar in a Box special are the inspirational insights into the presenters own professional Pixar journeys. This really helps to glue the value of education and learning to the future of having fun making really cool stuff. I only wish this had existed when I was in school!

Take a tour for yourself or show it to your kids. They’ll love it! Get started over at Pixarinabox.org.