Use After Effects to take your photography portfolio to the next level!

It goes without saying that having an online presence is essential for marketing a successful photography business. Websites like Squarespace and Zenfolio have made it easy to showcase your photography portfolio, but the downside is that sites created using these services look similar and do little to separate your brand from the rest.

One new way to highlight your photography is to supplement your online photography portfolio with a unique video slideshow of your work. You may be thinking “But I’m not a video expert, how would I do that?” It’s easier than you might think and the benefits make it well worth the effort. There are three distinct advantages to using a slideshow template:

1. Capture attention on social media

Sure, you can upload an image gallery to Facebook (and you should!) but a video will stand out in the feed. When your followers like, share or retweet the video, you’ll instantly extend the reach of your audience.

2. Leverage the Audience of YouTube and Vimeo

When you upload your photography portfolio video to YouTube or Vimeo, you’ll instantly leverage the power of these powerful networks. In addition to showing up in YouTube and Vimeo search, videos uploaded to these sites will also display in Google search results – very cool. You should also add your video to Vimeo photography groups to put it in front of even more viewers.

3. Give insight into your process

A personalized photography video can give the viewer a peek into who you are, your process and details about your business. By using templates, you can quickly modify the text, colors and logo so it perfectly matches your brand.

Whether you’re a wedding, fashion or lifestyle photographer, the following After Effects slideshow templates are perfect for quickly create a professional video portfolio. You don’t have to be an After Effects expert to use them either – streamlined project construction and simple customization make adding your photos a breeze.

Wedding Photography AE Templates

Diamond: Photography After Effects Template
Beautiful geometric shapes give life to the photos in this After Effects template. With full screen photos, your audience will get a full view of your work. Diamond can also be used by photographers to showcase a single client’s wedding… the perfect ‘upsell’ in a wedding photography package.

Portrait Craft: Photography After Effects Slideshow
Superimpose your photographs in real video to create a unique, organic look. The Portrait Craft background is neutral and versatile, so your photos take center stage. Easily modify the text in this After Effects slideshow to include more details about your experience or wedding photography packages.

Fashion Photography AE Templates

Stepper: Fashion Photography Slideshow
Stepper is a perfect choice for fashion photogs. Full-frame images and sleek graphics create a modern presentation. Whether you’re creating a photography slideshow to promote your body or work, or simply need to recap a particular event or shoot, this After Effects template will do the trick.

Divide: Magazine Style Photography AE Template
A RocketStock favorite! With a modern urban vibe, Divide instantly frames your photography in a high-end magazine style. Customize the text in this After Effects slideshow to include information on your business or note different shoots or models. The simulated 3D effect makes your photos appear to ‘jump off the page.’

Nature and Lifestyle Photography AE Templates

Summertime: After Effects Slideshow Template
Ideal for lifestyle, portraits, family sessions or even weddings, this After Effects template feels fresh and organic. Summertime includes lens flares and a slideshow effect that will add extra style to your photography portfolio.

Passet: Contemporary Photo Slideshow Template
Passet has an edgy, contemporary feel that works well for business and lifestyle photos. Whether you’re sharing on social media or presenting your photography portfolio at an event, the energy of this template will get your audience engaged with your work. As an added bonus, lower third graphics are included in this After Effects template.

What are some other unique ways to showcase your photography? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Above image from Shutterstock.