Need some quick demo reel inspiration? Check out some of our favorite demo reels of 2016.

Top image via Leo Costa

It’s time once again to gather our favorite demo reels from around the web. While there are certainly many to choose from, we’ve managed to put together a small list of what we consider the best showreels and demo reels of 2016. These demo reels are interdisciplinary, so you’ll see work from all kinds of artists, like cinematographers and technical directors.  Still, they all have one thing in common — they’re breathtaking.

1. Mauri D. Galiano: Director Reel

This demo reel from Mauri D. Galiano shows us some of the best color grading and indie-cinematography we’ve seen in a long time. In the reel, you’ll see many different settings and genres, proving Galiano’s cinematic mastery.

2. Aleksandr Isakov: Technical Directing Reel

Not all of us will go on to technical direct Hollywood blockbusters — but if you do, you’d be lucky to be able to create a demo reel as eye-catching as this one from Aleksandr Isakov. This reel mostly features simulation and particle work from his productions, as well as a few breakdowns that give insight into how his teams accomplished their creative vision.

3. Leo Costa: VFX Reel

This demo reel created by Leonardo Costa features a lot of national broadcast work. From character animation to VFX shots, Costa is clearly a master of creating the impossible.

4. Kshitij Khanna: Compositing Reel

Compositing reels are generally pretty awesome — but what really sets this reel apart from the rest are the multi-layer breakdowns which show how Kshitij Khanna created his amazing VFX work. Sometimes it’s easy to oversimplify complex VFX shots, but like all difficult projects, professional videos take time and skill.

5. Alan Nogues: 2016 Reel

This eclectic reel from Alan Nogues is a fun example of a personal demo reel. Alan Nogues’ work is incredibly cinematic, yet simple. This reel will hopefully inspire you to take your camera outside and go shoot something amazing.

6. Severin Strauss: 2016 Showreel

This reel from Severin Strauss is a beautiful example of a demo reel that tells a consistent story. While each clip may be from a different project, they all blend well together, shedding some light on Severin’s cinematography style and grading tendencies.

7. Patrick O’Sullivan: Cinematography 2016 Reel

This demo reel from Patrick O’Sullivan showcases some beautiful indie work that’s definitely impressive. From landscapes to people, O’Sullivan’s bold compositions show us how to bring out the most in everyday situations.

8. Nicola Gastaldi: Showreel 2016

Want to see what a motion graphic expert’s reel looks like? Just watch the video below. This reel from Nicola Gastaldi features a huge variety of motion graphics techniques. You’ll notice how each project is vastly different than the rest. Gastaldi clearly has a grasp on many motion graphic styles.

9. Fabian Nowak: Showreel 2016

This reel from Fabian Nowak features some of the most impressive footage on this list. It could be argued that Nowak’s VFX work is among some of the best in the world. This reel is a testament to his hard work and expertise.

What is your favorite demo reel of 2016? Share in the comments below.