The new iPad Pro commercial uses incredibly smooth transitions. See how you can apply this technique to your own projects.

Top image via Apple.

Last week at the World-Wide Developer Conference, Apple announced a slew of new products, including the latest version of the iPad Pro — which debuted with this incredibly energetic video.

While Apple’s ads have never wanted for cinematic exuberance (case in point: MacBook Pro Bulbs), the new ad sets itself apart with a quick style and impressive transitionsLeonardo Dalessandri directed this latest ad, “Any Given Wednesday.” Some may know him for his incredibly creative travel videos.

Smart directional transitions coupled with speed ramps produce a lot of kinetic energy in the video. What do I mean by that? Let’s look at the following example.

Master the Creative Transitions From Apple's New iPad Pro Ad — Kinetic Transition

A woman in a car swipes up on her iPad, her finger. This action is the motivated movement for the next cut, which is an undercranked track and boom toward a man and woman in an elevator.

It’s a technique we see several times throughout the commercial. It’s incredibly effective, easy to produce, and requires minimal equipment. However, this technique requires meticulously planning. It’s not something you can just add in post-production on a whim.

The core principles of planning are as follows:

1. Motivated movement for shot A.

2. Shot B continues in the direction of the motivated movement.

Master the Creative Transitions From Apple's New iPad Pro Ad — Swipe Transition

3. Seal the transition with a speed ramp.

Master the Creative Transitions From Apple's New iPad Pro Ad — Speed Ramp

The commercial contains several other fantastic transitions, which you can literally miss in a blink of an eye. I recommend studying the video to find them all.

I was initially confused as to how they moved from the woman on the docks to same shot inside of the bus, but when you play the video frame by frame, you can see a quick lens swap, which puts the camera further away but leaves the subject in the same position.

Master the Creative Transitions From Apple's New iPad Pro Ad — Lens Swap

There’s also a very smooth walk-by transition, which is another favorite technique of mine. You can learn how to create this technique in Justin Odisho‘s video below.

Obviously, you don’t need a person to pull off walk-by style transitions; you can use any object on screen. In this PremiumBeat tutorial, you see an easy way to grab a still and create the transition — all without leaving Premiere Pro.

Do you have any transition tips to share? Let us know in the comments.