Check out these new color grading, motion tracking, and noise reduction plugins for Final Cut Pro X.

Top image via MotionVFX.

One of the most recent video editing and production channels to consistently put out good content is Harv Video/Audio Stuff. In this video, Harv dives into some of the best options for FCPX users deciding which plugins to use. With all the different resources and plugins available, let’s take a look at which options are worth your time and money.


Helpful Plugins for Final Cut Pro X Users — Tracking

Tracking objects or people in your shots can not only be difficult, it can also be time consuming. TrackX and SliceX aren’t free, but if you’re going need tracking for a number of projects, these products are absolutely worth the price.

TrackX and SliceX by Coremelt 

Price: $199

Skin Smoother

Helpful Plugins for Final Cut Pro X Users — Skin Smoother

If you’re dealing with corporate clients, working on commercials, or working on any other type of corporate-related work, the subjects usually need to be spotless. This skin smoother cleans up blemishes and unwanted wrinkles in no time, and it won’t break the bank.

SkinSmoother by FCPEffects

Price: $49

Lens Flares

Helpful Plugins for Final Cut Pro X Users — Lens Flares

Using lens flares correctly can boost the production value of your shots ten fold. Harv plugs FCPEffects in the video, which works well, but in this instance, I’m going to have to plug the Radium lens flare pack. Offering 120 lens flare elements in 4k, this video pack features all-natural lights, and it’s compatible with Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Radium by RocketStock

Price: $99

Noise Reduction

Helpful Plugins for Final Cut Pro X Users — Noise Reduction

Neat Video brings us an outstanding noise reduction plugin that discovers noise in the image and determines how well it can remove it. Neat Video also analyzes how clean the overall image is and gives you a rating. This could help with future shoots by allowing you to compare previous shots to see how you can improve exposure.

Noise Reduction by Neat Video

Price: FREE


Helpful Plugins for Final Cut Pro X Users — LUTs

MotionVFX is here to save us all from inconsistent color grading. With this FREE LUT pack, you can preview which LUT you’d like to use. Once you’ve found the appropriate LUT, you can tweak the image however you like.

mLUT by MotionVFX

Price: FREE

Side Note: Here are 35 FREE LUTs from Rocketstock


Helpful Plugins for Final Cut Pro X Users — S-Curve

This free plugin from CineLook is easy to use and will make your Log footage look much better with added contrast. It’s a simple-yet-wildly-effective plugin for quick fixes — especially if you’re putting out content on a daily basis.

S-Curve by CineLook

Price: FREE

White Balance

Helpful Plugins for Final Cut Pro X Users — White Balance

Speaking of working on a run-and-gun schedule, White Balance 2 is a quick fix for color correcting and last-minute image fixes. Even when the original footage is at the extremes of too cool or too warm, this plugin will help immensely.

White Balance 2 — FCPEffects

Price: $49

Know of any other cheap and effective FCPX plugins? Share in the comments.