The new Essential Graphics panel in Adobe Premiere Pro brings editors everything they need in one program.

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Following the recent update to Premiere Pro, users can now stay in the NLE without opening After Effects and Audition in separate windows. Premiere will now feature a new graphics workspace straight from After Effects, giving users the ability to add, change, and update the graphic templates in one place.

Using the Essential Graphics Panel

You can browse through the default motion graphic templates already in Premiere and After Effects, or you can create your own. All the options you need to further customize your graphic are available in the Essential Graphics Panel. If you’re working with motion graphic templates created with After Effects, you’ll need to have the software installed or use a temporary trial.

Editors can create and save Motion Graphic templates in Premiere Pro, including text, shape and clip layers. Compositions created in After Effects and saved as Motion Graphics templates allow editors to change variables such as text, color, size, layout or mood of the motion graphics—all within Premiere Pro. To work with Motion Graphics templates created in After Effects in Premiere Pro, After Effects (trial/license) must be installed. Templates can easily be shared via CC Libraries and archived in the Media Browser for easy access.

Creating A Motion Graphics Template

If you’re creating a motion graphics template for a client or video editor, the essential graphics panel gives you both a little more creative control once you begin editing your project in Premiere Pro.

The Essential Graphics panel gives you the controls to change the font, size, blending mode, and color of the text. Shape Layers enables you to use Rectangle, Oval and Freeform drawing tools—and even add images or video—in Clip Layers to complete the graphic. Because the placement is directly on the Program monitor, you can easily rearrange and adjust layers and their properties within the Essential Graphics panel and see your changes in real time.

To create a motion graphic template you can access in the new panel, right-click on the composition you wish to use and click “Open in Essential Graphics.” From here, click “Solo Supported Properties” to see each individual property you’d like to customize. From here, you can pick the properties and even add comments in the panel. Once you’ve done this, hit “Export Motion Graphics Template.” You’ll be able to share this template (now packed into one single file) with anyone with via CC Libraries.

This inclusion seems like a fun, practical way to save time and reduce cross-platform struggles between editors and clients. For more on the new update for Premiere Pro, check out PremiumBeat’s full coverage.

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