Mettle has teamed up with Facebook to offer more 360/VR editing control to Premiere and After Effects users.

Images via No Film School.

If you’re new to the world of 360/VR and have never edited footage in Premiere Pro or After Effects, don’t worry. Mettle is simplifying the process with their easy-to-use Skybox suite. These plug-ins offer tools, transitions, and effects that you can easily apply to your footage. Until now, Mettle hasn’t offered a solution for depth-based effects working with focus, panning, or tilting. This week at NAB, Mettle announced they will be releasing depth-based tools, giving users even more control over their viewers’ experiences.

Tailored specifically for Facebook, the plug-in will enable Premiere and After Effects editors to work with fog, volumetric effect, and depth-based masking. This is a big step up from their already-impressive package of plug-ins for editing 360/VR footage in the Adobe ecosystem.

Mettle claims they will be in beta for the next sixth months or so, so don’t expect to see the product on the market until the end of the year.

It’s going to make your life easier…way easier … if you want to do rack focus techniques or if you want to do a bit of a virtual dolly. [It’s] not much movement because its only stereo source and depth estimation and depth acquisition from the Facebook cameras, but you can actually now move … in the 360 degree space, and you can move left and right, and the depth perception is way way better.

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