Looking for affordable royalty free music for your video? These resources offer the quality tracks you need.

Top Image via Shutterstock.

One of the realities of video editing is that you need music, and you can’t just take it from anywhere. You need legally licensed music to avoid lawsuits or other legal issues. The problem for many video editors is the cost. Most working filmmakers don’t have the money it takes to license well-known radio hits. If you fall into this category, you might understand the challenges of finding licensing agreements for quality music you can afford. Let’s take a look at some of the best stock music resources for your next project.


Music Resources for Video Editors — PremiumBeat

One of the best resources for royalty free music online is PremiumBeat. With a curated library covering genres such as classical, ambient, jazz, and even dubstep, this is a powerful resource for any type of project. Licenses range from $49 to $199, and in terms of quality, PremiumBeat is top dog and adding new tracks daily. Included with your purchase are 15-, 30-, and 60-second cuts of the song to fit any video length. Also, a loops set feature allows you to extend your song or video as long as you want.

On top of the music selection, PremiumBeat also offers a giant selection of sound effects. From fart sounds, to gun shots, to impact sounds, the library goes on and on and even features sound effects packages for editors who need similar effects in bulk.


Music Resources for Video Editors — Shutterstock

Much like PremiumBeat, Shutterstock’s library is chock full of genres, offering all types of music for video editors. With a comparable price to PremiumBeat, this resource offers a different selection of artists and genres that are  more dynamic in style and range than your average music website. You can also filter your search by vocal or instrumental tracks to save time.

Another benefit of Shutterstock Music is the Mood breakdown. If you’re editing a very specific type of project, the option to browse certain moods can narrow your search even more and help you to find the perfect track.


Music Resources for Video Editors — YouTube

A simple-yet-unknown solution to the problem of finding music legally, on a limited budget, is YouTube. YouTube’s audio library includes several different genres to choose from, and it also allows users to narrow their search for the perfect track. Although the selection isn’t as large or as meticulously curated as PremiumBeat or Shutterstock, YouTube’s audio library is completely free.

Searching for a song in the library is simple — you can even search based on the length of the song or specific instruments.. There’s also a curated section for sound effects that are, again, totally free. For editors on tight budgets, YouTube’s Audio Library is an excellent resource that will get the job done.

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