Blast some neon color into your next film’s title sequence by using this FREE pack of dynamic, bright, and bold typeface.

Using a bold, animated typeface for your title sequence is a great way to up your production value and capture your viewer’s attention. Animating your own, though, can bring along some serious challenges. You have to animate every letter, and customize exactly what you are looking for through After Effects. It can be done, but it is a huge time suck. Thankfully, our friends over at Shutterstock have created a bold, fun neon typeface that you can use for any of your projects.


How to Use Animated Typefaces in Premiere

Add Color and Motion to Your Titles With This Free Animated Neon Typeface — Neon Typeface

This free pack makes it extremely easy for you to utilize this text however you want. It comes with 36 characters (A-Z, 0-9) all separated into their own individual alpha clip. So, you can just import these directly into Premiere and drag them over your clip. No keying required. Since the letters come separately, you can stack them on your timeline and adjust their positions to spell out whatever you have in mind. If you nest all of the letters on your timeline into one nested sequence, you can adjust the size of the composition without having to scale every letter.

Add Color and Motion to Your Titles With This Free Animated Neon Typeface — Import Directly

If you want to change the color of the typeface without having to go to After Effects, you can drop the Color Balance effect on top of your typeface clip. Then just adjust the hue to get your desired colors.

How to Use Animated Typefaces in After Effects

In this package,  Shutterstock included the After Effects assets used to create the typeface. This means you can customize the letters however you want, including color, size, line size, etc. When you open up the project files, you will see the entire set of letters in your composition. You’ll also find instructions on the left hand side. All you have to do to change the color of the letters is open up the effect controls of the composition, and there will be simple, clear-cut color boxes that you can change to your specified color.

All of the assets in this package are completely free to use, and can be changed and adjusted to fit the needs of your project. Add them to your next video today!

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