Ensure a clean cut for audio clips with this quick fix in Final Cut Pro X.

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One issue I’ve run into in the past is capturing different audio on separate days from the same location. So, in your video, the sound is supposed to be from the same day, but due to various circumstances such as weather, room tones, and equipment, the audio might sound just a bit different. Final Cut Pro X offers a quick, simple solution that should help alleviate the problem. Let’s dive in.

Match Audio

The Match Feature in Final Cut Pro X — Match Audio

The Match Audio feature in FCPX isn’t a sure thing. If the audio recording is poor, there’s only so much you can do in post aside from tweaking it in Audition as much as you can. The keyboard shortcut for this is Shift-Command-M. However, for two audio clips that are just ever so slightly different from each other (when they need to sound the same), Match Audio is very helpful.

This feature matches equalization, not the audio levels. You will have to adjust the volume control manually, so don’t rely on this feature for quality or similar levels.

Another shortcut for widespread consistency throughout your timeline is the Match Color feature.

Match Color

The Match Feature in Final Cut Pro X — Match Color

Like the Match Audio feature, the Match Color option will also take two separate clips and give them similar properties. To do this, choose the clip you want the following clips to resemble and either hit Match Color or enter the keyboard shortcut Option-Command-M. You can even import a still image to to match the look you want. This is very basic color grading, and it is great for quick, simple edits — or for editors new to Final Cut Pro X.

You can find both of these features under the Enhancement tool.

The Match Feature in Final Cut Pro X — Enhancement Tool

Know of any other quick audio or color grading fixes for FCPX? Share in the comments below.