Lytro has created the most immersive VR experience ever. Take a peek behind the production of the VR film Moon.

Top image via Lytro

Lytro seems to be on a crazed path to change the future of filmmaking, and it’s absolutely amazing and thrilling. The Lytro Cinema Camera poised itself to change production for Hollywood studios, primarily VFX houses. Now we have a first look at the company’s Immerge camera, which was designed for immersive virtual reality.

Take a 2D look at Lytro’s Moon, the first live action VR video made with light field.

VP of Engineering at Lytro Tim Milliron excitedly announced the historic achievement.

Moon is the first VR experience of its kind – combining live-action and film-quality graphics with true 6DoF movement in a seated experience. This is the first taste of the true promise of VR.

6DoF refers to the six degrees of freedom, 3 degrees to rotate a users head and 3 degrees to move around in space. Previously 6DoF VR videos had high immersion, but a low level or realism. The images were limited to the speed computer-generated content was rendered. For a high level of realism, users could experience traditional 360-degree video – yet this only offered 3DoF. It wasn’t possible for users to really be immersed into a space, they were stuck in a specific spot.

Lytro figured out a way to combine these two experiences with the Immerge video Moon.

Image via Lytro

Using the Immerge Light Field camera with Lytro’s processing pipeline and playback, Moon gives viewers to ability to experience true parallax — the ability to look around objects. The film also has truly correct stereo images, allowing you to see a realistic world as your tilt your head side to side. There are also no stitching elements, so it feels totally naturals. Finally, the film integrates live-action actors and set pieces with computer generated elements.

Milliron went on to proclaim, “since we filmed it, the engineering team at Lytro has improved the system by leaps and bounds. Future experiences will be easier to film, faster to process, lighter-weight to download and play, and – above all – will look even better. At Lytro, we’re unapologetic about building for the long game, and we can’t wait to continue working with content producers to make the true promise of VR a reality.”

Here is a look behind-the-scenes of Lytro’s Moon. This video shows of the various elements in Nuke, showing you how clear each possible image can be. It’s really fascinating.

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