Here’s a breakdown of several key changes from the latest After Effects update — and how they can help your post-production workflow.

Recently, at the IBC conference in Amsterdam, Adobe introduced a slew of new updates. These updates aren’t available until the end of this year, but in this article, we’re going to go over what you can expect when we get there.

Adobe unloaded several new features for After Effects that help you create faster and more precisely, while keeping you in the program for just about everything. One of the biggest new features comes with the Mocha plugin. So, let’s see what you can expect in the new version.

Essential Graphics Panel

The Latest After Effects Update Packs A Serious Punch — Essential Graphics Panel

Of all the updates, this is the biggest. You can now make your text in After Effects customizable in Premiere Pro. This is good news if you want to change the size, style, or font of your text without leaving Premiere Pro. You can also add Groups in the Graphics Panel, which helps with organization and transparency if you’re sharing your project with a team. There are also responsive design features that allow you to add an intro or outro that helps you maintain the length of your animations in Premiere Pro.

Upgraded Puppet Tool

The Latest After Effects Update Packs A Serious Punch — Upgraded Puppet Tool

Mesh sculpting is now an option with the new Bin pen. This will allow you to create more dynamic, organic movements for your animations. You can also now position guides numerically, so all you have to do is right-click on the guide and type in the position you want.

Mocha in After Effects

The Latest After Effects Update Packs A Serious Punch — Mocha in After Effects

Adobe has now put a Mocha plugin in After Effects. This is huge. You no longer have to leave the program to complete all your motion tracking — and whatever else you need Mocha for. This is yet more evidence that all the post-production platforms are moving in the same direction: offering everything editors and motion graphic artists need in one application.

New Tutorial Option

The Latest After Effects Update Packs A Serious Punch — New Tutorial Option

If you’re new to After Effects, there’s now a “Learn After Effects” panel under the Help window. This offers tutorials and guides for getting started, which is super helpful for editors with little to no motion graphics experience.

Also, there’s a new Java script engine that apparently runs up to five times faster than before.

For some of the updates for Premiere Pro, check out PremiumBeat’s review below:

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