Discover an After Effects compositing technique that will make your simulated screens look totally believable.

One of the best ways to make a simulated screen look real is to have hand reflections appear on top of the simulated screen. The result is a more natural simulated screen that looks much better than simply a keyed out green screen.

The tutorial above demonstrates how to create a better simulated screen using Mocha and After Effects. The tutorial covers:

  • Drawing Splines
  • Creating Garbage Map
  • Setting Corner Pins
  • Importing Tracking Data Into After Effects
  • Creating Depth Mattes
  • Animating Screen Movement

This tutorial uses a unique plug-in called MochaImport+. Using the plug-in, you can import more tracking data than that native to AE. The price for the plug-in is $49 but you can download a free trial from aescripts.

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Have any other tips for creating a simulated screen? Share in the comments below.