It’s never been easier to create titles for your trailer or promo, thanks to these quick and simple tutorials.

Top image via Shutterstock

Imaginative titles are one of the most important aspects of effective trailers and promos videos. The best part about creating titles is that there’s no clear set ways about how they should look. Whatever fits your finished product is entirely up to you. You simply can’t beat the creative freedom. These video tutorials will give you an excellent idea how to make your titles more appealing and eye-popping.

1. RocketStock

Using the Radium 4K Lens Flare pack alongside this tutorial will give your titles a wildly cinematic, stimulating feel. Including these organic in-camera flares will up your production value instantly and impress clients and audiences alike. You can get your hands on the Radium 4K Lens Flare pack.

2. Tutorial Pilot

If you’re going for more of an over-the-top sci-fi vibe, look no further than Tutorial Pilot’s excellent 30-minute tutorial on how to create epic titles with a cosmic, space-style backdrop. The end result looks great and gives your project an energetic boost.

3. Shutterstock

RocketStock’s own Caleb Ward recorded this excellent tutorial that demonstrates how to create a Star Trek-inspired logo. Excellent for parodies and fan films, this video offers excellent insight into creating titles of all kinds in After Effects and proves how simple the process can be.

What are some of your favorite title sequences? Let us know in the comments below!