Learn how to create the great big beautiful ‘Tomorrowland’ titles in After Effects.

As far as Motion Graphics and VFX go, ‘Tomorrowland’ is a fantastic movie. The retro-future vibe plays a kind homage to both the ‘Tomorrowland‘ of the theme parks and futuristic renderings from the 1960s. There are a lot of cool VFX work that we could focus on from the iconic “pin-transportation” effect to the photo-realistic matte painting, but the following article we will focus on the opening titles.

Tomorrowland Title

While the opening titles are impressive by far the coolest part is the spinning atom effect in the “O”. There are a lot of ways you could potentially do this effect from a shrinking repeater to an echo, but in the tutorial Mikey takes a unique approach by using the vegas effect to pull off the iconic look.

The tutorial covers:

  • Creating the text
  • Syncing trails to the electrons
  • Stylizing using the glow effect

The font used to create this effect is called Futura. In addition to being the perfect font for the ‘Tomorrowland‘ logo it also goes well in a lot of different motion graphics scenarios. By default Futura is included on all Apple computers, but if you don’t have it you can purchase it online. If you want even more fonts I encourage you to check out our ’15 Best Fonts for Motion Design’ post here on RocketStock.

This video tutorial was first shared by Mikey Borup on his YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing Mikey! 

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Have any tips for creating the ‘Tomorrowland’ titles? Share in the comments below.