Spruce up the text in your next video project using these totally free animated fonts and logo reveals for After Effects.

Editing videos with a lot of text can make footage seem very static, especially if there is a lot of text on screen.

Free Animated Fonts

These animated fonts are certainly eye-catching.

Helvetica Neue Animated Font

The Helvetica Neue animated font adds some color to the popular font face. This free After Effects template includes 43 compositions — one for each letter, number, and popular punctuation mark. Every character defaults to three shades of blue with a final white character. The colors can be adjusted with the quick hue/saturation effect.

Free Logo Reveals and Animated Fonts for After Effects: Changing the Hue

The characters are animated to ten-second lengths, but they can be extended with the time-remapping feature. You can download the Helvetica Neue Animated Font Template here.

Animated Ribbon Font

Our animated Ribbon font is a one-of-a-kind typeface. This custom animated font is very smooth, making it perfect for a variety of projects. Video editors will love how easy it is to drag and drop these letters into any NLE.

The letters, numbers, and icons are pre-rendered clips, so they will work in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, and a variety of other programs.

Free Logo Reveals and Animated Fonts for After Effects: Using Ribbon Font

If you want to customize the color, size, or saturation of each letter, simply apply color correction or adjust size in your video editing application. You can download the free animated Ribbon font After Effects template here.

Messenger: Animated Text Messages

While not exactly a font, the free Messenger After Effects template lets you add animated characters in the style of text messages. The AE template includes five different styles, customizable to fit your project.

With the customizable color palettes and bubble text box sizing, the possibilities are endless. Just throw in your text, then easily drag and retime animations to fit your needs. Download the free Messenger After Effects template here.

Free Logo Reveals

Logo reveals are a quick and easy way to drop a client’s logo into a project and immediately get a custom animated logo for their business. With these free logo reveals, you can add a professionally designed stinger to the beginning or end of your project.

Ironclad Logo Reveal

The Ironclad logo reveal will give a logo a pop of metallic strength with the silver and bronze options. This powerful logo reveal will certainly make you the king of the throne. Best of all, the SFX used in the promo are included at no additional cost.

This free After Effects logo reveal requires a logo with an alpha channel (either PNG or GIF file). With that, you can just drop the logo in, render, and export. That’s it. Download the free Ironclad logo reveal here.

Free Animated Wedding Logo Titles

Editing a wedding video? These five free animated name badges and logo reveals are perfect for wedding projects. Actually, they’re great for all sorts of projects.

When opening the After Effects project file, you will be prompted to enter the names of the couple and date of the wedding. Then all five logos will be ready for you to tweak to perfection.

Free Logo Reveals and Animated Fonts for After Effects: Unity Example

Included in this pack are 16 HD light leaks, bound to add some flare to your edit. You can download the free animated name badges and logo reveals here.

Hiro Logo Reveal

Looking for an anime-inspired logo reveal that will power you up to your final form? The free Hiro logo stinger will take your project to the next level.

Just drag and drop the logo into the Label composition, then go to the Render Me composition. Now you’re ready to explode. Download the free Hiro logo reveal here.

If you realize how great logo reveals are for their ease and stunning results, be sure to check out the other logo reveals we have available for purchase.