2016 has brought us some of the most stunning demo reels to date. Here are ten of our favorites.

Top image via Martin Nabelek

Though we’re only halfway through 2016, we’ve already seen some staggeringly impressive demo reels. Demonstrating exceptional skills in VFX, cinematography, and animation, here are ten mind-blowing reels to stoke your creative fires. 

1. Showreel 2016

Created by Martin Nabelek

Nabelek’s slick space visuals, mixed with breakdowns of unique textures and landscapes, make for a well-edited, enjoyable experience. Also, who doesn’t dream of stumbling upon an Air Max statue.

2. Timestorm Films 2016 Showreel

Created by Martin Heck

These stunning timelapses present the world in a new light. Clouds sweeping over a mountain range have never looked so clean.

3. Modeling & Sculpting Showreel

Created by Daniel Weiss

Daniel Weiss gives us a masterful breakdown of his VFX work on The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

4. Motoko Showreel 2016

Created by motoko animation & motion design

Some of the best animation in commercial work and entertainment can be seen in this fast-paced, enthralling reel.

5. Visual Reel 2016

Created by Salomon

With a wide-range of VFX and cinematography techniques, this reel covers the New York-based director’s skills through striking imagery and imaginative twists on multiple genres.

6. Mondo Robot Motion Reel 2016

Created by Mondo Robot

Exceeding in different forms of animation and VFX, Mondo Robot’s reel flows perfectly with a jolt of energy.

7. Jan Sladecko Showreel 2016

Created by Jan Sladecko

On top of the stellar commercial work, Sladecko’s sports segments throughout the reel are unlike anything we’ve seen.

8. Spillt Reel 2016

Created by SPILLT

Showcasing brands such as Cartoon Network, Funny or Die, and TBS, this Denver-based company is producing some of the best work in the advertising world right now.

9. Contrast Films 2016 Reel

Created by Contrast Films

Few cinematography reels cover as much ground as this one from Contrast Films. From live music events to intimate character studies, the company’s range is wide and impressive.

10. The Foundry’s 2016 Showreel

Created by The Foundry

The Foundry always puts out inspiring reels. This year’s reel continues that streak with an in-depth look at their work from the past year.

Know of any other impressive demo reels? Post the link below in the comments!