Learn how to create this impressive cinematic title sequence in the following video tutorial.

If you want to create impressive cinematic titles than a combination of After Effects and Cinema 4D is the perfect place to start. By using Cinema 4D to create 3D text and After Effects to composite and stylize you can whip out amazing animated sequences in no-time.

Cinematic Titles Design in After Effects

The following video tutorial created by Rendaa Studios is a great example of what can be accomplished when you use these powerful programs together. The tutorial covers:

  • Using Turbulent Displace
  • Colorizing B&W Footage with Curves
  • Creating Text in Cinema 4D
  • Bringing 3D Text into After Effects
  • Using Blurs to Create Realistic Glows

You will need to have both After Effects and Cinema 4D on your computer to complete this video tutorial. Thankfully both Adobe and Maxon offer free trials of both programs.

This tutorial was created by Mackenzie Criswell for MotionMile. Thanks for sharing guys!

If you’re interested in learning more about After Effects or Cinema 4D check out the MotionMile website where you’ll find dozens of articles and tutorials dedicated to helping you become a better motion designer.

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