Recording audio is an important part of production that’s often overlooked, which can create some aggravating problems in post. Here are some solutions for cleaning up audio in Premiere Pro.

There are many reasons your audio recordings can suffer — background noise is too high and distracting, levels are too low, audio is blown out, your microphone wasn’t turned on. Regardless of the ailment, there are some good remedies online at your disposal (although perhaps not for leaving the microphone off.)

So find a quiet room, close the door, plop on some high-end headphones, and let’s dive in.

Adding and Manipulating Audio Effects

While Premiere Pro isn’t as a great of an audio resource as, say, Adobe Audition, it is more than capable for some of the basics of audio editing. In this video, ChinFat breaks down the process for adding and manipulating audio effects, as well as setting and working with keyframes and parameters.

Audio Master in Premiere Pro

Mastering audio is a term used to describe across-the-board edits for the final cut of a video. These are some of the tweaks and changes that go into cleaning up and making your audio tracks popNathaniel Dodson at TutVid gives a good breakdown of some of audio mastering tips and tricks available to you in Premiere Pro.

Removing Background Noise (with 3rd Party Plugins)

Background noise can be detrimental to good audio recording. While it’s obviously best to address the issue from the beginning and remove it from the get go, there are times where it can sneak in. In the above tutorial by PremiereGal (full post can be read here), she outlines how to remove the background audio with the third-party plugin AudioDenoise by CrumplePop.

Some kinds of background noises to keep an ear out for while recording:

  • Fan noise
  • Traffic/street noise
  • Refrigerator hum
  • Air conditioners or heaters (especially turning on or off)
  • Background conversations
  • Miscellaneous electronics

Removing Background Noise with Denoiser

There are also some built-in effects options in Premiere Pro. In his tutorial, the TeachMeGuy gives some solid advice on how to clean up the same background noise problems with the built-in effects. While not always as powerful as some of the higher-end third-party options, it’s worth seeing what you can accomplish with a first go around.

Have any additional audio tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments.