Designing multi-screen projects in After Effects can be tricky. Learn how to create eye-popping multi-screen layouts with this awesome AE video tutorial.

If you’re a motion graphic artist, then chances are you probably have been asked to do a video board. Unlike most traditional screens, video boards tend to have irregular dimensions and cropping, making them a unique challenge.

Multi-Screen Projects in After Effects

Unfortunately, you can’t simply make an irregularly shaped composition in After Effects. So, in order to lay out an irregularly shaped screen composition, you’ll need to use a rectangular composition with guide layers. This is where the following tutorial by Joey at School of Motion comes into play. The tutorial shows us how to create a multi-screen project in After Effects. The tutorial covers:

  • Layouts in Photoshop
  • Bringing Footage into Mocha
  • Motion Tracking
  • Positioning Corner Pin Data
  • Pre-Composing

It should be noted that this tutorial uses Mocha, which can be natively found inside of After Effects. If you want to learn more about motion tracking with Mocha, check out this awesome tutorial.

This video was first shared on the School of Motion Vimeo page. Thanks for sharing, Joey!

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