Here’s what you need to know about the most popular trending design and motion graphic categories in Shutterstock’s 2018 Creative Trends report.

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Wondering what type of content will be trending in 2018? Shutterstock makes all the predictions for you in their latest Creative Trends report.

The Data Behind 2018's Design and Motion Graphic Trends — Trends

This annual report tackles upcoming trends in photography, design, video, and music — all based on the massive amounts of search data at Shutterstock’s disposal. Here’s a look at the biggest trends for motion designers in 2018.

Major Trend 1: Space

 The Data Behind 2018's Design and Motion Graphic Trends — Space

There has been an astronomical rise in searches for space footage and imagery. According to Shutterstock’s report, searches for “solar” are up 991 percent, and interest in “astro” has increased 671 percent. These are big numbers in a year that continues to see new Star Wars films and more rocket launches from NASA and Space X.

It should be no surprise that we are fans of all things related to rockets and space, so bring on the interstellar projects! If you are compositing a control room in your next project, check out our Interface pack of HUD elements for all your computer-module needs. If your project needs a little bit of that Star Trek flare, check out Radium, our pack of 120 4K lens flares captured in studio on anamorphic lenses.

Suggested space packs, footage, and music:

Major Trend 2: New Minimalism

The Data Behind 2018's Design and Motion Graphic Trends — New Minimalism

2018 is all about clean lines and bold looks with New Minimalism. “Continuous line” saw a search increase of 432 percent, and “neon circle” is up 387 percent. The continuous movement is all about the sleek design flow in everything from video transitions to minimalist music tracks and looping video backgrounds.

Check out these New Minimalism collections, packs, and templates:

Major Trend 3: Fantasy

The Data Behind 2018's Design and Motion Graphic Trends — Fantasy

Fantastic beasts are on the rise with a massive increase in searches for mystical creatures like “unicorn” (up 297 percent) and “mermaid” (145 percent).

This fantasy trend sees both traditional fantasy elements, like those in Game of Thrones, as well as in modern horror-fantasy crossovers, like Stranger ThingsThis is also apparent in music, with search queries increasing for both epic orchestral music and synthwave. The soundtrack of Stranger Things has given synthwave a 494 percent boost.

We were huge fans of the fantasy on display in Stranger Things, so we put together this tutorial to help you create the Upside Down.

Discover these Fantasy element packs, templates, videos, and royalty-free tracks:

Design Trend: Ancient Geometrics

The Data Behind 2018's Design and Motion Graphic Trends — Ancient Geometrics

Motion designers have already seen this trend making its way through projects, with a big boost following the Marvel film Doctor Strange. Searches for “arabesque” are up 8,536 percent, while “guilloche” is up 695 percent, and “mandalas” is up 632 percent.

You can learn how to create Ancient Geometric VFX in this Doctor Strange mandala tutorial.

Ancient Geometric collections:

Design Trend: Holographic Foil

The Data Behind 2018's Design and Motion Graphic Trends — Holographic Foil

Shutterstock claims this is the most up-and-coming trend in 2018. This is a retro vaporwave look reminiscent of the 1970s and ’80s — the search term “holographic” is up 435 percent. It’ll likely make its way into backgrounds and animated text, so look for the rainbow of color. You can already see a combination of Space and Holographic Foil trends in use in the Annihilation trailer.

Holographic Foil collections:

See More Creative Trends

You can discover all of the 2018 Creative Trends on Shutterstock. The page features some really beautiful collections of images, footage, and music for each of the ranking trends — as well as many other design-oriented topics. Here are the rest of the trends in the list:

  • Natural Luxury
  • Punchy Pastels
  • A Global March
  • Cactus
  • Digital Crafts
  • Cryptocurrency

You can also see trends from around the world based on geography. Read the entire report on the Shutterstock blog.