If you need to energize your title sequence or character intro with a bit of color and movement, check out this After Effects tutorial — with FREE assets.

All Images via PremiumBeat.

For any filmmaker working on a documentary or looking for a little more life for a video project, this tutorial is for you. Taking elements from Rocketsock’s Hisan pack, Todd Blankenship shows us how to apply a few FREE ink splats to your edit using Adobe After Effects. With these Guy Ritchie-inspired title sequences, you can push your narrative or documentary title sequence to the next level. Let’s jump in.

To start, find the exact moment you want to freeze, and cut your clip on your Premiere Pro timeline. Then move back one frame, and choose the frame you want and right click. Then hit “Replace With After Effects Composition.” Next, select .jpeg, and make sure that you’ve checked “import into project.” Finally, add the picture in the space between the frame you’ve selected and the rest of the clip.


Create a Custom Ink Splat Title Sequence in After Effects — Masking

Next, you’ll need to mask out your subject. As you can see on the actor above, it’s important to mask everything on the outside and inside of the subject, including gaps between objects and limbs. It’s a tedious, but necessary, step in the process.

Add Elements and Color

Now you can add the elements to your clips behind the subject, customizing the colors and size as you see fit. You can use the ink elements to reveal your texture of choice by putting the ink element layer above your texture and, in the track matte drop-down menu, selecting Luma Matte Inverted. This will take the luminance values of your ink layer and apply them as a track matte or alpha channel on your texture layer. In order to add color to your clip, add a Hue/Saturation effect to your texture layer, and then make sure to select “Colorize.” This will give you some customization options for color, hue, and saturation.

Finish the Effect

Create a Custom Ink Splat Title Sequence in After Effects — Finish Effect

Add some text to your graphic and you’re good to go. If you’d like to add a “Zoom in” effect to the entire animation, create a Null Object layer, and parent every other layer to it. Set your keyframes and scale to about 10% throughout the animation. Now you’ve finished the effect. Move back over to Premiere and get started on your next character intro!