Transfix your audience with your next project by creating a disorienting endless hallway loop with your gimbal and Final Cut Pro X.

Top image via Shutterstock.

Finding usable transitional scenes, effects, and tactics to make your story stand out can be difficult. At this point, it might seem like every fast-paced method of cutting and moving the camera has been done before a million different ways. This effect is both surreal and visually stunning, and you can apply it to a number of different types of video, whether it’s for online content or your next film.

To capture the actual motion, you will need to walk the length of the hallway or distance you want to affect. In this particular example, the filmmaker puts his gimbal in lock-out mode and walks the entire length of the scene at a normal pace.

Create a Stunning Hallway Hyperlapse in Final Cut Pro X — Import Clip

After you’ve placed the clip in your timeline, speed up the clip to 20x. Then you can choose to reverse the clip if you need to. After you’ve sped up the clip, add motion blur to create a smooth, slightly disorienting effect.

Create a Stunning Hallway Hyperlapse in Final Cut Pro X — Draw Mask

Next, to add a looping effect, go to Effects > Masks > Draw Mask, and position your clip at a point like a doorway or a break that could take the viewer into the next location or scene. Mask out the doorway, then hit Invert Mask. Then, go to Transform, and hit the Keyframe button on Position, Rotation and also on Control Points. Let the scene play out frame by frame, and mask out the doorway (more masking!). In the tutorial, Ryan suggests that as the doorway gets smaller, it’s okay to leave a few frames here and there un-masked, as it will be hard to notice (especially with how fast the scene moves).

Create a Stunning Hallway Hyperlapse in Final Cut Pro X — Paste Clip

Finally, copy your current clip, and paste it on top. The clip on top will appear to create a kind of endless loop taking the viewer down an endless hallway. To keep the loop going, keep copying-and-pasting. After you’ve done this, feel free to add more motion blur if you want. This should effectively disorient and transfix your audience in a unique way.

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