Use these informative tutorials to learn the basics of color correcting with Color Finesse in After Effects.

If you’re looking to have an extreme amount of control over your color, look no further than Color Finesse inside of After Effects. Unlike the color grades that use a series of effects, Color Finesse offers users the ability to color correct and grade using levels, curves, and sliders all in a single “effect”. 

Color Finesse in After Effects

For those who use color scopes like histograms and vector scopes when color grading, Color Finesse provides all the scopes you will need. 

In the following video tutorials created by, we’ll take a look at all the various features that make up Color Finesse. The tutorial covers:

  • The Source Monitor
  • Reference Monitors
  • Understanding Scopes
  • Using Levels
  • YCbCr vs RGB
  • Color Grading vs. Color Correction

In this first video tutorial, let’s take a look at the Color Finesse workspace, scopes, and effects. 

In the second video tutorial created by, we’ll take a look at how to practically color correct using Color Finesse. 

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What do you think about color correcting in Color Finesse? Is it a useful alternative for colorists? Let us hear about it in the comments below.