Craving some VFX inspiration from the best and brightest in the game? Here are some of the latest and greatest VFX breakdowns from the last few months.

The summer blockbuster season may be over, but that doesn’t mean the big VFX houses are slowing down. After a season filled with several standard big-name franchise installments, the fall leads into a just as impressive holiday season as well. Superheroes and action still dominate, but Disney’s foray into live-action CGI-intensive reboots should continue to give inspiration and excitement to animators and effects artists for the next few years.

Let’s look behind the scenes at some of the awe-inspiring worlds, creatures, and action sequences created by some of the best VFX specialists in the industry.

MPC Film — Ghostbusters

MPC Vancouver provided over 250 shots, including creating a 1970’s Times Square, a 2D no-ghost cartoon, a 300-foot-tall 3D character, and extensive FX work throughout the production. Complex CGI environments were created as the film was shot mostly in-studio and with green screens. You can read more about their work on the project on their website.

Trixter Film — Captain America: Civil War

The German VFX house had a busy two-year run with work in both the Captain America and The Avengers franchises, along with big summer blockbusters Ant-Man, Independence Day: Resurgence, and Pixels. With a penchant for action sequences, Trixter has handled some of the most complex and intricate parts of the big-budget features. To learn more about the behind-the-scenes process, you can read a great interview by Art of VFX.

RodeoFX — The Legend of Tarzan

Not many VFX companies are so aptly equipped to handle creating life-like CGI hippos and crocodiles like the talented team at RodeoFX. Opting to not even use makeshift stand-ins, RodeoFX created the animals from scratch and designed intensive water and environmental pieces to complete the scenes. You can read more about the whole process on their website.

Imagine Engine — Independence Day: Resurgence

Imagine Engine has the distinction of having worked VFX on two installments of the same project — twenty years apart. To say the least, their work on the 2016 sequel leaves the original in the dust (even if the film didn’t overall do as well). Their work was spread throughout the film, but the most notable accomplishment might be the CGI animation of the aliens which had to be reprised from the original. You can read more about the team’s entire process on their website.

Rising Sun Pictures — X-Men: Apocalypse

The Australian VFX house Rising Sun Pictures has quickly established itself as one of the top companies in slow-motion CGI. Highly praised for their work in the previous X-Men installment, they’ve parlayed their success into other high-profile projects like The Hunger Games, Panand Game of Thrones. You can read more about their X-Men work on their website.

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