Over the past month, we released our FREE space-inspired Nebula assets. Here a few ways you can put those assets to work in your next project.

If you you didn’t notice, we released an epic pack of 19 organic, in-house, space-inspired backgrounds for your editing pleasure. There are worlds of things you can do with this pack: creating a simple, stand-out title sequence; creating a realistic planet effect; or even re-creating the “Shimmer” from the upcoming sci-fi film AnnihilationHere, we’ve rounded up three easy-to-follow tutorials that will help you get the most out of these free assets.

Animated Sci-Fi Titles

Looking to create some fun, animated titles for your next sci-fi project? Well, look no further. Our friends at Shutterstock are here to help you create unique titles that will pop on your screen. The best part? These titles will only take you about five minutes to create. Cool, right? Just choose your favorite nebula sequence, do a bit of color correction, add a mask and some motion, and you’re done!

Be sure to head on over to the tutorial page for more details.

Create A Realistic Planet in After Effects

It may be intimidating to try and create your own planet effect from scratch, but this tutorial will help you achieve that effect easily. This effect is sure to add a large dose of production value to your project that will make it really stand out. You really don’t need that much experience in After Effects to create this effect — just follow along with the tutorial, and start world-building today.

You can check out the tutorial page here.

Create “Annihilation”-Inspired VFX Effects

If you’ve seen the trailer for Annihilation, one of the most anticipated movies of 2018, you were probably blown away by the bubble wall that they call “The Shimmer.” This haunting, colorful mammoth is already intriguing most sci-fi fans around the world. This tutorial will help you use the Nebula assets to create the look for your own projects. It may be one of the more intricate tutorials of the bunch, but this video will guide you through creating some awe-inspiring VFX,  step-by-step.

Head on over to PremiumBeat to read up on the tutorial here.

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