Simply put, Beeple is an out-there, talented dude who makes crazy awesome videos. Let’s look at some of his best work.

You’ve seen his work featured (time and time again) as Vimeo Staff Picks and bounced around the internet. His style varies from bright and playful cartoons to dark and sardonic machinery. Everything he does, however, is different, creative, and usually a little out there — which is a good thing.

According to his website (aptly named, Beeple is Mike Winkelmann, a graphic designer from Appleton, Wisconsin. His career didn’t really take off until he was tapped to do a video for Flying Lotus (featured below) and Warp Records.

Once the video dropped, he’s done several more for the likes of Erykah Badu and The Glitch Mob. However, his most creative contributions to the world of motion graphics may be his ongoing release of free “fair use” VJ loops for people to use as source material as they see fit. He doesn’t even ask for credit — you can download them here:

Also equally impressive, Beeple is over nine years into his EVERYDAY project where he creates a new render everyday using either Cinema 4D or Octane (while incorporating many more). At press time, that’s over 3333 consecutive days of work! He also has a book available of the first five years in hardcover and eBook.

You can find some great interviews with Beeple at Nut Riot, Greyscalegorilla and MotionWorks if you’re looking for some more insight into his process. You can also lose hours (or days or weeks) going through his film page or Vimeo portfolio. You’ll find a few of our favorites below.

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