If you’ve got time on your hands and editing software on your computer, you can become the editor of a Grimes music video.

In this week’s edition of Quarantine News, we’ve got something that can make use of your free time and flex your creative muscles while you’re between projects: becoming an editor of a Grimes music video. Grimes, the electro-futuristic dream pop artist who’s famous for her wild outfits, outrageous songs, and her relationship with Elon Musk, released her music video “Delete Forever” this past February.

Incorporating the use of green screens and space-gothic graphics, the video is a wild trip that has already surpassed 2 million views. She also recorded footage for her new song “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone” but released it on April 1st in an interesting fashion — with no motion graphics, just the original raw green screen footage.

At first glance, this may seem like a fun April Fools’ Day prank, but it came with an interesting message on her Instagram and in the YouTube description:

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Quarantine Art Kit 🤍🩸🤍 Link in bio •we shot 5 of these greenscreen “lyric videos” so we could have visuals for the album (doing our regular intensive videos in my state didn’t seem super wise etc etc) •But obvs w delete forever we started messing around in post and making better stuff than we thought we could. •Anyhow – Because we’re all in lockdown we thought if people are bored and wanna learn new things, we could release the raw components of one of these for anyone who wants to try making stuff using our footage. 🪐🐖🪐 •In my bio is a we-transfer file with – the “you’ll miss me when I’m not around” greenscreen footage, some shorter snippets (might be easier to mess around with but feel free to cut up master file however, make gifs, whatevs). – stems for the song if you wanna mess around wit audio (and some native inst tools are included). + single art etc. – Starting April 8th Native Instruments is offering free 1 month http://sounds.com subscription and/or $25 NI Store Voucher (TBC) for remixing and some other bonus audio stuff (like, One randomly selected participant will get Komplete 12) – We’re also working on securing free short term access to the visual tools we use (keep u posted). – So basically, just a bunch of tools for anyone who wants to use them 💕🎮 (This is how we made delete forever if your interested). •Anyway we were inspired by all the amazing art that gets sent our way, So hoping some of these things are of use when the days are long and lonely. •Anyway, I hope everybodies doing ok! _____________________ •Ps other tools we’ve enjoyed using are: – Blender (free online!) (And FYI – Blender can do all the compositing and tracking needed to make stuff ) – Adobe suite (for editing and stuff) – Daz 3D (what we use to make @Warnymph) – We’re always down for recommendations too if u guys have any

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That’s right, she’s releasing all of the assets of her music video and putting them in the hands of her fans to crowdsource different videos, and she’s sharing the projects that she likes the best on her social media pages. This Art Kit has everything you need as an editor to create a full-fledged professional project — the raw green screen files, audio files, and even some “Dragon Colors” to spice things up. The editing and directing of the project is entirely up to you, and i’m sure the weirder you make it, the more visibility it’s going to get (from what we’ve seen from Grimes’s previous music videos).

Creators are already releasing projects using the footage, such as this one made entirely within the newest Nintendo hit, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

So if you’re ready to make something that has the potential to get shared by an artist with around a million followers, now’s the time to get wild and flex your editing skills.

To get started, simply download the files here on WeTransfer for free.

Cover image via Grimes. 

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