Over the past few years, liquid motion has become more popular in the advertising world. Check out this roundup of our favorite liquid motion reels.

We briefly covered liquid motion in the last inspirational roundup, Unreal Motion Graphics, and you’ve no doubt seen it used in animation promotions from MTV, Fox, and Cartoon Network. The technique has been around for quite some time, but After Effects has really pushed it to new levels in the past 5 years. Let’s take a look at some of the best recent examples of this style.

One of the most popular campaigns came from Buck. They designed a 30 second promo for the 2010 NIKE World Basketball Festival. The piece was made with Maya, Flash, and After Effects. The piece ran on television and in Times Square in New York.

The award winning short Cupidiculous from Panop Koonwat was made with Cinema 4D, Toonboom, and After Effects. It was made as a motion graphic project for the School of Visual Arts

Liquid motion became “web” motion in this Ultimate Spiderman promo from Golden Wolf

Golden Wolf is also known for their RDIO ad for the band Gauntlet Hair

Sean Dekkers created this awesome psychedelic piece for Tip Top Ice Cream.

For an adventure of a time, check out this collaboration promo for Cartoon Network from directors Alex Grigg, Eamonn O’Neill, Impactist, leCRCR, Rubber House, and Awesome Inc.

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