Sometimes the most effective motion design comes from the simplest execution.

In a time when many logo animations aim to be bombastic, it’s refreshing when motion designers opt for polished simplicity.  But simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy — the best designs often require a honed vision and execution to make ‘simple’ exciting.  The following animated logo reveals are prime examples of design concepts that excel with restraint.

Top image via David Stanfield

Google Brand System

Google designer Adam Grabowski created this animated logo design based on the company’s new brand system. Clever keyframing blends the unique elements together.

Awesome Animated Logo Reveals: Google

Reddit AMA Logo

For Reddit’s Ask Me Anything video series, they tasked motion designer David Stanfield with creating a logo intro that symbolizes this popular project. This reveal feels at once modern, exciting — and fun. David kindly shared stills of his design process here.

Awesome Animated Logo Reveals: Reddit AMA

Ikea Animation 

Belarus-based motion designer Nikita Melnikov recently created this fun logo reveal for Ikea. Be sure to check out his Dribbble profile for a portfolio of impressive design work.

Awesome Animated Logo Reveals: Ikea

Rocketgraph Logo Animation

Untime, a Ukraine based animation studio, used a hip typeface and shape-based animation to create this logo open for Rocketgraph. Watch a video of the logo (with sound) here.

Awesome Animated Logo Reveals: Rocketgraph

Craft Fit Studio

CraftFig is a Bangkok design school, so it’s only natural that their own animated logo would be first class. The logo reveal features a clever split-color effect that really gives life to the motion.

Awesome Animated Logo Reveals: Craft Fit Studio

Yondr Studio

Another Google designer makes the list with this terrific logo animation for graphic design firm Yondr Studio. Designer Sharon Correa animated the organic-looking ‘stamped’ design. Simple and beautiful.

Awesome Animated Logo Reveals: Yondr

Bolt Designathon

Bombay-based real estate site hosted an internal ‘designathon,’ with one of the entries being this fun play on a modern neon-sign logo. Designer Rahul Bhosale showcases an impressive design range in his portfolio: web and UX, motion and illustration.

Awesome Animated Logo Reveals: Bolt

Fuuto Logo Animation

Football (soccer) startup Fuuto’s logo reveal was created by Russian motion designer Pasha Motorin. A shape-based soccer scene playfully morphs into the company logo… engaging and well executed!

Awesome Animated Logo Reveals: Fuuto

Sometimes clever, minimal design is most effective. Know other reveals that excel in simplicity? We’d love to see them. Share your links in the comments below.