Come rain or shine, these After Effects weather tutorials will make your next video project a thundering success!

Top image via Video Copilot

Usually, inclement weather is the last thing you want in the middle of production. The associated damaged equipment, ruined landscapes, and endless delays can be soul crushing, to say the least. Of course, sometimes you need certain weather conditions, but even then, nature doesn’t always cooperate.

Fortunately, the power of After Effects allows you to take control of the elements. Here are a few After Effects tutorials that will help you nail your desired atmosphere in post.

Creating Rain Drops in After Effects

Video Copilot’s latest YouTube upload focuses on creating some rainy day conditions in After Effects with no third party plugins needed. The tutorial shows you how to create raindrops falling down a window in a way that lets you rack focus outside to show either the subject or a title card. Andrew Kramer guides you through the process and shows you how to make light reflect through the drops, too.

Creating Falling Snow in After Effects

PremiumBeat demonstrates how easy it is to simulate falling snow in After Effects using Red Giant’s Trapcode Particular. The in-depth tutorial isn’t just good at showing you how to make snow — the Trapcode Particular skills you learn can be used for all kinds of video projects.

Creating Burning Embers in After Effects

ZENGen Learning offers this plugin-free lesson in creating drifting ember particles in After Effects. The simulated fire elements work perfectly for scenes of combat, wintery campfires, and intense title screens.

Creating Rainy Day Windows in After Effects

This After Effects tutorial from Trey Trimble demonstrates how to create rain drops on a window, plus rain falling in the background. The end result of combining the two elements is super atmospheric; you may even discover yourself using the effect in shots that didn’t initially call for rainy day vibes.

Ever used custom weather effects in one of your motion graphics projects? Show us your work in the comments below!