Learn how to create a really cool displaced wave effect in this simple After Effects video tutorial.

Sometimes what looks like a simple task is actually much more difficult than you originally thought. This is especially true in After Effects. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a tutorial from Harry Frank. This After Effects video tutorial features a really cool wave effect that creates a sort of looping wave around a ring. Here’s the effect:

After Effects Video Tutorial: Wave Effect Examples

The inspiration came from a forum discussion regarding how an animation like this could be created. The answer (this tutorial) uses 100% native plugins and effects in AE. While this After Effects video tutorial is certainly specific, it does feature a few techniques that could help you along your motion graphic journey. The tutorial covers:

  • Displacement Maps
  • Polar Coordinates
  • Pre-Composing
  • Creating Luminance Based Maps

This awesome tutorial was first created by Harry Frank on his Vimeo channel. Thanks for sharing, Harry!

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Have any other tips for creating a similar effect? Think it can be done with less effects? Share your thoughts in the comments below.