As the release of Rogue One looms like the Death Star over Endor, let’s take a look at some of the best After Effects tutorials for learning how to recreate Star Wars VFX.

Top image via Lucasfilm

Whether you’re dipping your toes in creative fandom or creating wholly original content, VFX are easier than ever to replicate. Video producers from all backgrounds now have access to incredible movie-quality assets, as well as software that can turn a home movie into an epic space adventure. Let’s take a look at some recent After Effects tutorials that walk through the process of recreating Star Wars VFX.

1. Star Wars Hologram Tutorial

Seen in just about every Star Wars film (and likely to be featured in Rogue One), the iconic hovering hologram can add serious production value to even the most basic video. Also popping up in movies like Prometheus and Iron Man, this effect is a sci-fi film lover’s best friend. To help you pull the effect off, our friends at PremiumBeat have provided free project files and video assets that can be downloaded here.

2. Star Wars Lightspeed Tutorial

Nothing says Star Wars like making the jump to lightspeed. The video tutorial above shows you exactly how quick and easy it is to create a star funnel right out of the classic films using native plugins and effects. Fire up your hyperdrive and download a free anamorphic lens flare, a PDF file, and the free After Effects project file here.

3. Star Wars Opening Crawl Tutorial

This twenty-minute video tutorial covers everything you need to know to create an exact replica of the familiar Star Wars opening titles and exposition crawl. Created by Capon Design TV, this excellent tutorial nails the look and explains how little time the whole process can take you  even if you know nothing about title animation.

4. Star Wars Force Push Tutorial

Creatrix Visuals released this stellar “force push” After Effects tutorial a few months back and the results are stunning. The effect can be used in plenty of other types of science fiction video, as it’s more of a lesson in general “impact” VFX.  It’s definitely a good trick to have in your arsenal.

5. Star Wars Blaster Tutorial

Flawless Films gives us this charged-up tutorial that demonstrates how to create an action-packed blaster battle. These effects look great and are incredibly believable for anybody familiar with Star Wars (or even Star Trek, for that matter).

Of course, your video isn’t complete just because you’ve added VFX — you need sound too. To find some wildy effective sound effects and music for your next space opera, check out PremiumBeat’s loaded library of futuristic/sci-fi content.

What After Effects tutorials would you like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments below!